Empress Menen & Emperor Haile Selassie

Welcome to Olufunmi, a Rastafarian church and religious order established in 1976. Our church is the people we worship with and work with not a building. Our majestiesorder is livicated to the service of the Creator (JAH) through our works for the upliftment and advancement of, and service to, humanity, as shown to us through the works of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen, and the teachings of Rasta Patriarch Joseph Hibbert.

Olufunmi is, always has been, and will remain at the forefront of the Rastafari movement. Our order is constantly organizing to meet the needs of a younger generation of people interested in the Rastafari movement, while maitaining our connection with our roots and traditions.

This site is livicated to that purpose!!



Please excuse our dead links and pages. We will be updating and renovating our site more regularly. Come back often





The Covid-19 pandemic is no joke! It is highly contagious and can kill you! Especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or you are elderly. In the United States, Black and Brown people are dying at the largest rate due to the myriad of underlying conditions prevalent in these communitirs caused by the poverty, discrimination, working conditions, and diet, that a large majority of the these communities deal with on a day to day basis. This virus has highlighted the inadequacies and inequalities of the "status quo" in our country and why we need to change.

There is no cure for this virus yet, but we can do alot to help stem the tide of infection and death by physical distancing, wearing protective face coverings, wash you hands, especially when you change environments. Go out only when it's absolutely necessary and shelter in place as best you can. This way we can slow the spread of the virus until proper and permanent contaignment protocols are in place. Most importantly, be calm, be courteous, have patience, and pay close attention to what the government, corporate and financial forces are doing under cover of this pandemic.

Stay safe! Jah Bless!