Tribute To A Rasta Patriarchhibbert2

Bro. Josiah Nathaniel Hibbert (Father, Teacher, Joseph): P.C.M./adept of the seventh degree. Honorary Chaplain of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated, Certified Spiritual Organiser and Healer, former J.P. of Costa Rica, born August 1894 and ascended September 18th 1986 at the age of ninety-three (93). He was one of the four original evangelists and patriarchs of the Rastafarian Faith in Jamaica (,along with Archibald H.Dunkley, Leonard P.Howell and B. Bedward) mentioned in the history of Rasta.

Bro. Hibbert was a key instrument in the establishment of the Ethiopian World Federation (EWF.), the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jamaica, and the first African Masonic Order in the Island.

For approximately half a century he spent his energies and resources spreading the Rastafarian light in this region of the Caribbean and agitating for the highest degree of Ethiopian consciousness to be revived through doctrinal concept and the teaching of the deeper meanings of the Bible. As a spiritual and religious scholar, he was familiar with many faiths which further helped him develop his religious and spiritual philosphy. He was pollitically and socially ahead of his time.Surviving the trials of his conviction he endured the various "slings and arrows" that he was subjected to in order that the Seed of Truth be planted.

His efforts culminated in the official establishment of a complimenting, spiritual side to the political organ of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated, registered as the African Descendants United Association (A.D.U.A.) which enabled him to legally publish and pursue his spiritual vocation to whomever required it of him. As an Adept also in British Free- masonry, his name is reknown in the minds of Mechanics and other philosophers in Europe and the United States of America.

A patriarch of the Rastafarian Faith, a pyramid of strength in the Rastafarian eyes and a solid column elevating Ethiopians beyond the skies through his priestly horn, praising Emperor Haile Selassie I as God on earth and God Divine.

A patriarch of the Rastafarian faith, who's life was livicated to disseminating the ancient Ethiopian culture among its members, to correct abuses, relieve oppression, and carve for ourselves and our posterity, a destiny comparable with our idea of perfect humanity and Jah's purpose in creating us. That we may not only save ourselves from annihilation but carve for ourselves a place in the Sun; in this endeavour, we determine to seek peace and persue it, for it is the will of God for man.